Landscape Design Project Fees


The fee for this initial meeting - including any rough sketches and any relevant notes - is $125.00 (including HST), payable by the end of the meeting.

At this time, Don will quote you for the Landscape concept, master plan and project management - as applicable.

Note:  The initial consultation fee will be included in the landscape concept  price.


This includes the Site Analysis, Base Plan,  scale Landscape Concept, selected Perspective Views and presentation to you. The typical fee would be $650 and up (including initial consultation fee), depending on the complexity of the project.  This is due upon presentation.


The fee for this finished drawing would typically be $600 and up - due on presentation or after any revisions are complete.


The fee structure for this service is project specific.  A down payment (usually in the area of 20 - 25%) is required on signing the proposal. The balance is paid in installments as the project progresses.  The fee is based on an hourly rate of $75.00 per hour.  The quote includes a price range from expected low end to high end, and printing and permit fees at cost.